Subsea Harvest wants to continue the entrepreneurship that Eirik Raude carried out. Everything from him and his father leaving their home in Lysefjorden in Rogaland around the year 960, over time in Iceland, to Eirik Raude having to flee after being declared an outlaw at the Torsnestinget in 984. He finds Greenland, which others in Iceland have already told about existed there in the west, but is concerned with something far more than just establishing himself and his family with a farm at Brattalid by Eiriksfjorden in Austerbygd. He travels north along the west coast and finds the large walrus population and new land. Subsea Harvest has the same vision that Erik Raude and his son Leiv had to find new land and methods to be able to make farming more sustainable and efficient and profitable with large-scale underwater operations following the same spirit.

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